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Euphorbia maculata

Spotted sandmat (Euphorbia maculata) is a native landscape weed of the Southeastern United States. It is toxic to livestock and a major agricultural weed. Spotted spurge seems to naturally favor sandy soils and disturbed area but easily establishes in turfgrass, landscape beds, and container-produced ornamentals.

  • Scientific Name: Euphorbia maculata
  • Common Name: Spotted sandmat
  • Seasonality: Warm
  • Soil Type: Wet or dry
  • Toxicity: Toxic
  • Plant Growth: Annual

Euphorbia Maculata main

Photos of Euphorbia Maculata

Euphorbia Maculata flower
Euphorbia Maculata habitat
Euphorbia Maculata seedling
Euphorbia Maculata stems