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Mid-Florida Research & Education Center

Mid-Florida Research & Education Center

Landscape and Ornamental Production Weed Management Laboratory

The Landscape and Ornamental Production Weed Management Laboratory conducts research on the growth and management of weeds and invasive plant species in landscapes and ornamental plant production under the direction of Dr. Chris Marble at the Mid-Florida Research and Education Center. Our research program aims to develop new methods of weed control using an integrated approach combining both chemical and non-chemical treatments.

Comparison of Plant Identification Apps

When selecting an application for identifying plants, there are many apps available. Download our newly-developed resource comparing some of the most commonly used Plant ID Apps.

Download our new resource, "Identifying Weeds Using Free Apps You Can Install on Your iPhone or Android Smartphone."

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Dr. Chris Marble
Assistant Professor
Ornamental & Landscape Weed Management

The Latest in landscape and ornamental production weed management