Extension & Plant Clinic

Program Areas

Agricultural Economics

Hayk Khachatryan, Ph.D.

Entomology & IPM

Lance Osborne, Ph.D.

Environmental Horticulture

Brian Pearson, Ph.D.

Greenhouse Citrus Production

Richard Beeson, Ph.D.

Landscape Ornamentals

Richard Beeson, Ph.D.

Plant Pathology

G. Shad Ali, Ph.D. & David Norman, Ph.D.

Plant Physiology

Jianjun Chen, Ph.D.

Weed Management

Developing effective, economical, & environmentally-friendly weed controls


EDIS Update: Skullcap

In Florida, there are a total of 13 Scutellaria species (spp.) and 11 of these are native. Skullcap, its common name, is a perennial,

Industry Spotlight: Joe’s Nursery

Joe’s Nursery began just as an idea between Joe Shook and his wife, Susan. After saving money for about six years, the couple took a leap

Communicating Science at ACE 2018

  Earlier this month at the joint meeting of the Association for Communication Excellence in Agriculture and Natural Resources and

Internship Experience: Jackie Bourdon

Over the past 10 weeks, I have had the best experience interning with the Mid-Florida Research and Education Center (MREC) in Apopka. Last


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