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Extension & Plant Clinic

Program Areas

Agricultural Economics

Hayk Khachatryan, Ph.D.

Entomology & IPM

Lance Osborne, Ph.D.

Environmental Horticulture

Brian Pearson, Ph.D.

Greenhouse Citrus Production

Richard Beeson, Ph.D.

Landscape Ornamentals

Richard Beeson, Ph.D.

Plant Pathology

G. Shad Ali, Ph.D. & David Norman, Ph.D.

Plant Physiology

Jianjun Chen, Ph.D.

Weed Management

Developing effective, economical, & environmentally-friendly weed controls


Industry Spotlight: Brantley Nurseries

Since 1984, Brantley Nurseries has been a family venture as the Klinger brothers carried on their family legacy in horticulture production.

EDIS Update: Butterfly Pea (Clitoria ternatea) Flower Extract (BPFE) and Its Use as a pH-Dependent Natural Colorant

The butterfly pea (Clitoria ternatea) plant's flower has a unique trait of changing color with the use of acidic additives and is a

EDIS Update: Biology and Management of Spanish Needles (Bidens spp.) in Ornamental Crop Production

This EDIS document focuses on Bidens alba and B. pilosa, or commonly known as Spanish Needles.These species are both found as weeds in

This Friday: Join us at the Apopka Hop Pale Ale Event!

Join us at the Apopka Hop Pale Ale Event at First Magnitude Brewing Company in Gainesville this Friday, April 26 from 6 pm to 8 pm. A


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