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Mid-Florida Research & Education Center

Mid-Florida Research & Education Center

Greenhouse Citrus Production

Nurseries are a vital part of Florida's citrus industry, providing growers with trees for replanting and expanding citrus groves. At MREC, our greenhouse citrus production research focuses on building superior rootstocks for greenhoues citrus producers as well as the profitability of citrus production greenhouses. 

A Florida icon, citrus fruits are the highest value fruit crop in terms of international trade. There are two main markets for citrus fruit: the fresh fruit market and the processed citrus fruits market (mainly orange juice). Most citrus production is accounted for by oranges, but significant quantities of grapefruits, pomeloes, lemons and limes are also grown.

MREC Greenhouse Citrus Faculty

Dr. Richard Beeson
Associate Professor of Landscape Ornamentals