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Mid-Florida Research & Education Center

Mid-Florida Research & Education Center

Environmental Horticulture

Environmental horticulture is the science and art of propagating, cultivating, installing, breeding, and maintaining plants to enhance the human and natural environment. Environmental horticulture is involved in all aspects of plant cultivation and use and include specialty crops such as fruits, vegetables, trees, flowers, grasses, and a wide array of medicinal and beverage crops.

Our team of faculty researchers at MREC spend their time examining the complicated relationships between plants and their environment. Whether building better begonias, developing tools to help Florida growers cultivate and manage pests on industrial hemp, or publishing award-winning laboratory experimental research to assess consumers’ preferences for environmentally-friendly horticultural production practices, MREC faculty are always working on research that enhances and improves Florida's horticulture industry and the citizens that its serves.

MREC Environmental Horticulture Team

Dr. Jianjun Chen
Professor of Plant Physiology

Dr. Liz Felter
Regional Specialized Agent, Food Systems and Ornamental Horticulture

Dr. Heqiang "Alfred" Huo
Assistant Professor of Environmental Horticulture

Dr. Brian Pearson
Assistant Professor of Environmental Horticulture