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Mid-Florida Research & Education Center

Mid-Florida Research & Education Center

Dr. Richard C. Beeson, Jr.

Associate Professor of Landscape Ornamentals

Dr. Richard C. Beeson, Jr. is an associate professor of landscape ornamentals in the Department of Environmental Horticulture. Beeson, has a passion for understanding the relationship between plants and the environment. Beeson’s research focuses primarily on the role water plays in plant development, focusing on how landscape plants and trees react to too much or too little water, as well as other environmental disturbances. In his research program, Beeson’s exploration of environmental conditions impacting plant growth can range from evaluating irrigation systems to modeling plant water requirements based on micro-climates and size. Beeson is also known for his extensive work with greenhouse citrus rootstock production, working with industry stakeholders and producers to develop precise methods for greenhouse citrus cultivation, examining the impacts of soil type, water, humidity and light on rootstock development.



Phone: 407-814-6172