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Mid-Florida Research & Education Center

Mid-Florida Research & Education Center

Water Wednesday

Water Wednesday, hosted on Facebook Live by members of the UF/IFAS Central District Water Resources team, is a series of videos aimed at sharing information from UF/IFAS experts with Central Floridians on water conservation practices. Topics have ranged from creating your own water barrel to calibrating your irrigation system and managing your septic tank. For our full roster of videos, please visit our YouTube page.

2021 Private Well and Septic Series

The UF/IFAS Extension Central District Water Resources team is hosting a series of eight webinars for Florida homeowners interested in learning more about private wells and septic systems.

The latest in Central Florida Water conservation

Water Wednesday Preview: Florida’s Springs

Florida has one of the largest concentrations of freshwater springs on Earth, with more than 700 springs within its boundaries. Springs provide natural, recreational and economic benefits for Florida’s residents and visitors. The crystal-clear...

Water Wednesday Preview: The Power of Your Pond

Stormwater ponds are designed to collect and manage runoff from rainwater. When rainwater lands on rooftops, parking lots, streets, driveways and other hard surfaces, the rainfall that doesn’t soak into the ground (known as stormwater runoff)...

Just Published – Private Wells 101: Bacterial Contamination and Shock Chlorination

Private Wells 101: Bacterial Contamination and Shock Chlorination JUST PUBLISHED: Looking for information on how to treat bacterial contamination in your private well with shock chlorination? Check out our newest UF/IFAS Extension Publication,...