Information related to new or increasingly significant pest problems.


A mailing list to serve as a communication resource for growers,
allied treads, faculty and other interested parties.
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New Ficus Aphid    Greenidea ficicola Takahashi

Flower Midges       A Serious New Pest is Causing Significant Problems for Dendrobium and Hibiscus Growers

Fungus Gnats        Fungus Gnats Represent a Potential Threat to Plants

Brown Stink bug   Marmorated Stink Bug

Mouse Links          Information regarding the control of mice and other rodents.

Gynaikothrips spp. probably uzeli on Ficus benjamina

A New Pest of Spathiphyllum! - An Eriophyid Mite

Philephedra tuberculosa (Nakahara & Gill)-a quarantine pest that attacks many ornamental plants. At least one nursery in Central Florida has been quarantined because of an infestation.

New exotic mealybug and scale pests.  Palmicultor mealybugs and an armored scale, Duplachionaspis divergens. (Contributed to this website by: Amanda and Greg Hodges)

Banana mealybug Photos