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Equipement: Following is a list of commonly used equipment in our lab.

  • 2qPCR
  • 3bioradPCR
  • 4DNAgel
  • 5DNAimager
  • 6b-platereader
  • 6proteingel
  • 7uvcrosslinker
  • 8sonicator
  • 9phmeterbalance
  • 0centrifuge
  • 1fastprep
  • 2shaker
  • 3equipment bench
  • 4coldstorage
  • 5labbench
  • 6lab1
  • 6shaker
  • 0Confocal
  • 1microscope
  • 9-80room
  • 0fungalgrowthchamber
  • 1tissueculturehood
  • 2walkinroom1
  • 3greenhouses
  • 4greenhouse2
  • ootstrap carousel
  • 6greenhouse4

1PCR1 2qPCR2 3bioradPCR3 4DNAgel4 5DNAimager5 6b-platereader6 6proteingel7 7uvcrosslinker8 8sonicator9 9phmeterbalance10 0centrifuge11 1fastprep12 2shaker13 3equipment bench14 4coldstorage15 5labbench16 6lab117 6shaker18 0Confocal19 1microscope20 9-80room21 0fungalgrowthchamber22 1tissueculturehood23 2walkinroom124 3greenhouses25 4greenhouse226 5greenhouse327 6greenhouse428

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·       Two thermal cycler with the 96-well format and two with smaller number wells.

·       A bio-Rad Real-time PCR

·       Roche LightCycler480 Realtime PCR machine (Core facility)

·       Several incubator shakers,

·       Several refrigerators, freezers, deep freezers (Revco)

·       Two microfuges and a Sorvall centrifuge

·       Water baths,

·       New Brunswick heated shaker i2400

·       6 Laminar flow hoods,

·       Analytical balances,

·       Sonicators,

·       Fast Prep System 6000-121,

·       2 UV cross-linkers

·       2 Spectrophotometers

·       Several digital cameras,

·       Multiple sets of Electrophoresis units for protein and nucleic acid work,

·       Chromatocab, temperature controlled growth chambers and incubators.

·       A plate-reader with different wavelength filter sets.

Ali – Core:
In addition, a shared equipment facility adjacent to our laboratories is equipped with the following equipment for our use:

·       Ultracentrifuges with different rotors,

·       DNA/RNA NanoDrop spec,

·       BioTek Multi-purpose Plate reader with FP, UV-vis scan, and Luminescence,

·       Ice machine,

·       Several autoclaves,

·       Real time PCR machine (Roche LightCycler480),

·       Two Bio-Rad Gene guns,

·       DNA electroporator.

·       Olympus Spinning Disk Microscope (Ix81) equipped with DIC optics and filter sets for

CFP, GFP, YFP, RFP and other fluorophores. It has 5 objectives: 10x, 20x, 40x, 60x and 100x with capability for phase contrast, differential interference contrast and fluorescence microscopy.

·       Olympus Microscope BH2; Nikon

·       Several stereoscopes equipped with digital cameras and filter sets for many commonly

used fluorescent probes are also available.

·       Two desk-top centrifuge (Eppendorf) and one floor centrifuge (Beckman), PerkinElmer

HPLC system


Dr. Ali lab is located at the University of Florida, Mid-Florida Research & Education Center, which has 22,000 sq. ft. of research laboratories & 4200 sq. ft. of office space. Ali lab has 2500 sq. ft. of molecular biology laboratory space, including separate rooms for plant tissue culture, is available for this project.  Ample office space with personal computers and on-line access to mainframe computers for image and data analysis are available to Post-docs and students. In addition, several computers in the lab are available for students and postdoctoral researchers. A central computer facility with several computers, scanners and imaging software is also available at the center. Modern green house facilities including a Biotech greenhouse (3000 sq ft) and 5790 sq ft of environment controlled space along with several dedicated walk-in growth rooms is available for growing plants and carrying out experimental work.  

Conference and meeting facilities at Mid-Florida Research and Education Center: Ample conference rooms that can hold ~ 150 people is available for hosting workshops, training sessions and field days.  All conference rooms are hooked to video conferencing equipment and the internet.  Participants of workshops can easily have access to demonstration plots and laboratories.  Mid-Florida Research and Education Center has ample conference rooms and teaching facilities, which will be used in organizing workshops and field days.  These facilities are regularly used for various extension and training activities, including several recent workshops on the diagnosis and management of diseases in ornamentals.  These conference rooms are adjacent to our greenhouses and labs, where demonstrations can be set up for training and extension work. 

Plant Disease Clinic at Mid-Florida Research and Education Center: The Mid-Florida Research and Education Center also maintains a Plant Disease Diagnosis Clinic, where Extension faculty including Plant pathologists Entomologists and Horticulturists and extension agents serve the nursery and greenhouse community on various aspects of crop production including disease management. The resources in this facility are used in communicating results of projects to growers and production managers.

University of Florida Core facilities:

  1. University of Florida has an interdisciplinary center for biotechnology, which provides an array of services such as DNA, RNA and peptide synthesis, DNA and protein sequencing and antibody production. They also have an elaborate facility for next generation sequencing including Illumina, Ion Torrent, 454 and sanger sequencing and for proteomic analyses including phophopeptide analyses. A core bioinformatics resource for proteomics and genomics is also available at UF.
  1. University of Florida-ICBR - Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research: ICBR maintain a wide-range of front line technology in molecular life sciences and provides scientifically knowledgeable technical services to University of Florida faculty, staff, graduate students, and other research partners throughout the state and nation. ICBR facilities and services are available to our group on a reasonable costs/fees.


The University of Florida is home to the Emerging Pathogen Institute (, where research on many emerging and quarantined pathogens is conducted





















PCR machine

Roche qPCR


Bio-rad qPCR

Bio-Tek Synergy H1 Plate reader wit UV-Vis, Fluorescence, Bioluminescence capabilities



DNA gel electrophoresis


DNA gel imaging system


The Bio-rad Protein gel elecrophoresis & blotting system


UV Cross linker




Ph and Conductivity meter and analytical balance




DNA miniprep system


Work bench wiht shaker incubator


Eqiupment bench



Cold storage cabinet (chromatocab)


Work bench


Spinning Disc Confocal microscope


Microscope room


Cryocold equipment and growth chamber room


Fungal culture growth chamber


Tissue culture hood


Walk-in climate-controlled growth room


Green-house facilities

Green-house facilities


Green-house facilities


Green-house facilities