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Mid-Florida Research & Education Center

Urtica chamaedryoides

Heartleaf Nettle (Urtica chamaedryoides) is a native Florida landscape weed. This species has only recently become problematic in Florida landscapes. With stinging hairs, heartleaf nettle can cause respiratory issues and is toxic to livestock. 

  • Scientific Name: Urtica chamaedryoides 
  • Common Name: Heartleaf nettle; Dwarf stinging nettle; Heart-leaf stinging nettle; Heartleaf nettle
  • Seasonality: Cool
  • Soil Type: Wet to dry
  • Toxicity: Hazardous to humans, livestock, and pets; stinging hairs
  • Plant Growth: Annual
  • Fireweed (Heartleaf Nettle) Control in Pastures
  • Relevant Resources

    UF/IFAS Extension Publication: Fireweed (Heartleaf Nettle) Control in Pastures

    North Carolina Extension Gardener Plant Toolbox: Dwarf Stinging Nettle

    USDA Plants Profile Urtica chamaedryoides

Urtica Chamaedryoides main

Photos of Urtica Chamaedryoides

Urtica Chamaedryoides flowers
Urtica Chamaedryoides habitat
Urtica Chamaedryoides leaves
Urtica Chamaedryoides leaves 2