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Mid-Florida Research & Education Center

Mid-Florida Research & Education Center

Parietaria floridana

Florida pellitory (Parietaria floridana) is a Florida and South American native landscape weed. This species is abundant throughout Florida except for the northwestern region of the state. This plant prefers full shade to part sun and grows best in well-drained soil. A host plant for red admiral butterfly, this plant is commonly incorporated into butterfly gardens. 

  • Scientific Name: Parietaria floridana 
  • Common Name: Florida pellitory
  • Seasonality: Year-round
  • Soil Type: Wet to dry
  • Toxicity: Non-toxic
  • Plant Growth: Annual

Parietaria floridana main

Photos of Parietaria Floridana

Parietaria floridana flower
Parietaria floridana habitat
Parietaria floridana leaves
Parietaria floridana seedling