Local Nursery Spotlight

Located in the heart of Florida’s nursery industry, MREC is honored to showcase local nurseries in Lake, Orange, and Seminole counties producing plants from Anthirium to Zamioculcas.

Russell’s Bromeliads

As one of the leading air plant growers in the country, Russell’s Bromeliads specializes in all things Tillandsia.


Central Florida Ferns

The Roberts’ family business has been in operation since 1990, specializing in ferns, pixie plants and has recently ventured into hop production.




SeaWorld’s horticulture team uses in-park plants to benefit not only SeaWorld’s guests but also their wildlife.




Growing from a one-woman operation to more than 30 employees strong, Flori-Design is known not only for their beautiful fairy gardens but also their carnivorous plants.



Holt’s Nurseries

From meeting in a graduate laboratory course to managing more than 100,000 square feet, the Holt’s have kept their nursery growing.














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