Film clip of my vacation.

In order to view a streaming video of Anagyrus kamali please
click here! 

Film clip of my vacation.

Parasite video

Predatory mite video

Predatory mite video

Papaya-720 mealybug

Feltiella acarisuga - Adult

Lacewing larva eating a two-spotted spider mite adult.

Lacewing larva eating a mealybug

Lacewing larva eating a brown soft scale Bad color ... will fix.

Lacewing larva eating an aphid

Healthy insect pathogenic nematodes -2

Diomus feeding on mealybugs 

To view a video of Encarsia transvena attacking a pupa of the same species double click the highlighted name.  In this case the adult female is laying an egg in another wasp.  The original adult laid an egg in a silverleaf whitefly nymph.  The egg hatched and consumed the whitefly and then pupated inside.  Once the pupa is fully formed it turns black.  The wasp that will eventually consume this Encarsia pupa will eventually emerge as a male Encarsia tranvena. The quality of the video improves as you make the window smaller!