North Carolina State University

"Insect and Related Pests of
Flowers and Foliage Plants"

Some important, common, and potential pests
in the southeastern United States

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    Printed document Edited by
    James R. Baker,
    Extension Entomologist
    North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

    Printed document prepared by
    James R. Baker, North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service
    Ramona Beshear, University of Georga
    Cathy Cameron Carter, North Carolina State University
    Eric Day, Virginia Polytechnic and State University
    Jerome Grant, University of Tennessee
    Avas B. Hamon, Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services
    Kelly F. Horn, formerly with North Carolina State University
    Tong-Xian Liu, University of Georgia
    Ronald D. Oetting, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service
    Dale K. Pollet, Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service
    Peter B. Schultz, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Institute
    Beverly Sparks, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service
    Charles L. Staines, Maryland Department of Agriculture
    David L. Stephen, North Carolina Agricultural Extension Service
    Michael L. Williams, Auburn University

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    Lance S. Osborne, Ph.D. Entomologist, e-mail:
    (with permission from North Carolina State University)
    by Leo O. Durant, Master Gardener, e-mail:
    also assistance by Mary Jackson, under the supervision of
    Chris Fooshee, e-mail:
    University of Florida, IFAS
    Central Florida Research and Education Center - Apopka,
    2807 Binion Rd., Apopka, FL 32703-8504.