Florida Grape History

History of Grapes in Florida & Grape Pioneers:

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I. Introduction
II. Prehistory
         A. Origin and development of Vitis
         B. Indigenous people’s involvement in dissemination and propagation
III. Colonial Era Grape Dissemination and Propagation

IV. Early Introductions – Successes and Failures
V. The Second Grape Boom – Realists, Optimists, and Scientists

VI. Founding of the Florida Grape Growers Association
         A. Background
         B. FGGA Presidents
         C. The Dynamics of Volunteer Organizations
         D. The Triad
         E. Federal and Florida Agricultural Research and Extension Services
                  1. University of Florida Grape Research 1891-1929
                  2. IFAS Today
                  3. Florida A&M University Center for Viticulture and Small Fruit Research
                  4. The Leesburg Station
         F. The Successful Search

VII. Rebound from the 1930s - Moving Ahead

VIII. The Second Hundred Years
         A. The Wine Revolution
         B. Back to Tallahassee
         C. The Viticulture Policy Act
         D. The Viticulture Trust Fund (VTF) and Viticulture Advisory Council (VAC)
         E. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS)
         F. Small Acreage - Big Results
         G. The Romance of the Vine
         H. Vinifera Chauvinism

IX. The New Millennium

X. What we have Learned from the Past - Is it Prolog?
         A. Lessons
         B. The 30 Year Itch


TimeLine: Grapes in Florida


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