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UF Literature for Grape Growers

- Cultivar Release Bulletins -

Alternative Opportunities for Small Farms: Muscadine Grape Production Review

Grafting Bunch Grapes

Grape Leaffolder

New Plants for Florida: Grape

Schedule for Grape Production Practices in Florida

Starting Your Commercial Vineyard

The Muscadine Grape

Xylella Fastidiosa Diseases and Their Leafhopper Vectors

Vineyard Trellis Construction, Plant Propagation & Pruning

Vineyard Trellis Construction - Diagrams for the MREC vineyard.
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Vineyard Trellis Construction - Materials.  Suppliers will be listed in the future.
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Diagrams and directions for Greenwood Propagation for Muscadine and Bunch grapes.
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Pruning diagrams for Muscadine grape vines.
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Pruning diagrams for Florida Hybrid Bunch grape vines.
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Useful Websites for Grape Growers


The Grape Doctor - Grapes

UF/IFAS Mid Florida Research and Education Center

Florida Grape Growers Association

California State University, Fresno

Cornell University


Iowa State University

Michigan State University

NC State University   and  NC Cooperative Extension

Ohio State University

Oregon State University

Penn State University

Insert Sustainable Agriculture, Organic Grape Production

Texas A&M University

University of California Intergrated Viticulture Online and UC Davis Foundation Plant Services

Virginia Tech University

Washington State University