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The Grape Genetics and Biotechnology Laboratory was established in 1984. The laboratory's mission-oriented goal is to produce genetically-improved disease resistant grapevines for Florida by various means, including conventional breeding, somatic cell genetics and genetic engineering. Research in bacterial and fungal disease resistance is emphasized. The current focus of the program is development of “precision breeding technology” to facilitate the creation and deployment of disease-resistant versions of popular wine grape cultivars.

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Recent Presentations:

Selected Publications:

Personnel of the Grape Biotechnology Laboratory at the MREC:

  - Dennis J. Gray, Professor/Developmental Biologist

Zhijian Li, PhD,
Laboratory Manager & Molecular Biologist

Postdoctoral Research Associates:

Dr. Trudi Grant

Dr. Deborah Dean

Technical Staff:

Mr. Rodrigo Mendez, Greenhouse/Vineyard Manager

Ms. Marlene Saldivar, Laboratory Technician

Ms. Natalia Cimino, Laboratory Technician

Ms. Sandra Hernandez, Laboratory Technician

Mr. Bishu Das, Laboratory Technician

Ms. Linhchi Nguyen, Laboratory Technician

College/High School Interns:

Mr. Matthew Creech

Ms. Julia Haas

Ms. Crystal Conner