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Mid-Florida Research & Education Center

Mid-Florida Research & Education Center

Homeowner Plant Diagnostic Clinic

For residents of northwest Orange County, a plant clinic is provided by the University of Florida - IFAS/Orange County Extension Service Master Gardeners and/or Urban Horticulturalists. The plant clinic is available:

When: Tuesdays
Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm


  1. Plant Material Samples - should include flowers, live leaves, and roots if possible. Bring a sample that includes as many features of the plant you want to identify or issues that need to be diagnosed. Use a plastic bag to maintain the moisture of the tissues. Do not add a wet paper towel or water to the plastic bag. Bring it to the clinic the day you collect it, otherwise keep it refrigerated until it can be brought to MREC.
  2. Sod Samples - should be about one foot square with mostly green turf and some brown turf to determine what pest(s) may be attacking your yard. Use a plastic or paper bag, shoebox, or any suitable container to bring the sample to the clinic. The fresher the material is the easier it will be to diagnose any problems.
  3. Soil Samples - should be removed from several locations in your planting bed or area of concern at a depth of six inches. Mix all samples from that area in a bucket and bring a pint of soil for a free pH analysis.
  4. Insect Samples - should be placed in a jar or other suitable container. Collect more than one specimen if possible. Insects may be dead or alive.

MREC Plant Clinic
Room #175
2725 S. Binion Road
Apopka, FL 32703-8504

Ph: (407) 814-6175
Fax: (407) 814-6186