Key to Flies and Maggots

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Key to FLIES and Maggots

Key to Most Common Fly Pests Found on Flowers and Foliage Plants

1. Larger flies, 10 to 12 mm long; dense covering of long hairs that gives a furry look, resembling that of bees (Fig. 89 ) Narcissus bulb fly.

1.' Smaller flies, 6 mm long or shorter; hairs scattered or very short, flies not beelike..... 2

2. Flies about the size of a housefly, 5 to 6 mm long; body shiny under a dense covering of short hairs (Fig.90) Lesser bulb fly.

2.' Flies smaller, 3 mm long or less; body either dull colored or with scattered long hairs ....3

3. Antennae elongate, as long as head and thorax; flies dull black with uniformly dark-colored wings (Fig. 91)....... Darkwinged fungus gnats.

3.' Antennae no longer than head; pattern usually present on body or wings ....... 4

4. Flies shiny black and yellow; wings clear (Fig. 92A)...... Liriomyza spp.

4.' Flies dull; some species have patterned body or wings (Fig. 92B) ...... Shore flies.

Key to Most Maggots Found on Flowers and Foliage Plants

1. Larva with shiny black head capsule; body slender, white, smooth; found in decaying roots or stems or soil around them, rarely even on terminals; mostly in greenhouses (Fig. 93)...... Darkwinged fungus gnats.

1.' Without head capsule, with a pair of downward curving mouth hooks; body a typical maggot, wider in middle and tapering to one or both ends, may have roughened skin or fleshy filaments protruding from body..........2

2. Tiny yellow maggots, smooth; mining in leaves of plants (Fig. 94)....... Liriomyza spp.

2.' Not yellow and not leafminers..... 3

3. Larvae found in roots, rhizomes or bulbs ..... 4

3.' Larvae found among algae or on wet surfaces, in hydroponic operations, filters, wet benches, etc. (Fig.95) Shore flies.

4. Mature larva large, more than 10 mm long; with only I pair of very short fleshy filaments under the spiracular tube at end of body; spiracular tube about as long as wide (Fig 96)........ Narcissus bulb fly.

4.' Mature larva small, less than 10 mm long; with 3 pairs of fleshy filaments around the spiracular tube; spiracular tube about twice as long as wide (Fig. 97)...... Lesser bulb fly.

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