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David J. Norman
  Professor of Plant Pathology

University of Florida
Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences
Mid-Florida Research & Education Center
2725 Binion Road, Apopka, FL 32703-8504

Phone: (407) 410-6950
Facsimile: (352) 392-9359

B. S., Biology, Southwestern Adventist College (1981)
M. S., Biology, Walla Walla College (1984).
M.S., Horticulture, University of Hawaii (1987)
Ph.D., Plant Pathology, University of Hawaii (1993)


Research emphasis is centered on the study of bacterial and fungal diseases that affect the production of ornamental foliage crops in Florida. Research projects are designed to examine new cultural, biological and chemical integrated disease control methods. Research is also conducted on pathogen detection, isolation, and classification. Information gained from research is disseminated to extension personnel and grower groups via talks and publications. Research interests include the following: ecology, epidemiology and host pathogen relationships.

Selected Publications:


Nonrefereed Publications:

  • Norman, D.J. 1995. Prevention before disease management. CFREC - Ornamental Research News. 2 (6):1-3.
  • Robert, L., Schubert, T., Strandberg, J., Stamps, B., and Norman D. 1995 Anthracnose of leatherleaf fern. Fla. Dept. Agric. & Consumer Services Division of Plant Industry. Plant Pathology Circular No. 372: 1-4.
  • Stamps, B., McColley, D., Norman D., and Strandberg J. 1995. Results of the leatherleaf fern anthracnose survey. Cut Foliage Grower. 10: 1-7.
  • Norman, D. J. 1995. Diagnosis of Plant Diseases. Landscape and Nursery Digest. Nov: 45-46.
  • Norman, D. J. 1996. Diseases of English Ivy. CFREC - Apopka Research Report, RH-96-3. 3 pp.
  • Norman, D. J. 1996. Diseases of Spathiphyllum. CFREC - Apopka Research Report, RH-96-5. 3 pp.

Mid-Florida Research & Education Center
2725 S. Binion Road, Apopka, FL 32703-8504 (directions)
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