Dennis J. Gray, Ph.D.

Professor — Developmental Biology

Fields of Specialization

Developmental Biologist specializing in the study of regeneration phenomena from cells of crop plants. The crop of primary interest is grape, with secondary interest devoted to seedless watermelon and melon. I am pursuing the following research objectives:

1) Development of technology to accelerate creation of improved cultivars by incorporating non-conventional approaches such as cell culture, embryo rescue and genetic transformation into contemporary germplasm conservation and improvement programs.

2) Understanding the underlying mechanisms that lead to induction of embryogenic plant cells by utilizing highly refined regeneration systems for structural and molecular analyses.

Career Publications

Professor Gray has published over 70 articles in refereed scientific journals and 30+ in non-referred publications. He has co-edited four popular textbooks covering the topics of plant tissue culture and biotechnology. He has contributed over 30 chapters to various books. He is frequently invited to speak at national and international scientific meetings, which have been summarized in over 80 published abstracts.

Gray is the Editor in Chief of “Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences”, a refereed journal with the 10 th highest impact rating among plant-related journals. He also is an Editorial Board member of “Plant Science” and a frequent reviewer for a host of other refereed journals. As leader of the UF Grape Biotechnology Research Laboratory, he received the 2002 USDA Secretary's Honor Awards for outstanding research accomplishments in grape biotechnology, which is the highest honor given yearly by that agency.

Dennis J. Gray, Ph.D.